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Shanxi Pingyao Fengyan Coal & Coke Group Co., Ltd.

ADD:Shanxi Jinzhong away in Fengyan Industrial Park, Xihu Village, Zhongdu Town, Pingyao County, Jingzhong City, Shanxi Province
Group switchboard:0354-5637007
Group General Manager:0354-5637017
Group H.R :0354-5639140
Group Sales Department:0354-5637023   +86 182 3447 7608 

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Corporate vision —
Create a first-class circular economy enterprise


Business philosophy
Win in management, loss in cost


Corporate talent concept —
Do not avoid relatives, and do not evade

Corporate values
Be a dedicated person and do useful things

Enterprise idea —
Sincere to letter, serve pingyao.

Our Mission —
Circular economy, Fuze Minsheng

Enterprise spirit —
Dedication, integrity, innovation, development

Corporate philosophy —
Guided by the scientific concept of development, with the premise of energy conservation and emission reduction, the company will build a circular industrial park as a platform, extend the industrial chain as a link, and expand the circular industrial cluster as the direction to realize the rapid development of economic, social and environmental benefits.