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Company Profile

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Shanxi Pingyao Fengyan Coking Co., Ltd., located five kilometers southwest of the ancient city of Pingyao, is a "circular economy pilot enterprise" and an "industrial circular economy base" designated by Shanxi Provincial Government, and is a leading enterprise of economic development in Pingyao City.
The group was founded in 1996 and is a private enterprise group, registered in Pingyao County in Shanxi Province, with the registered capital of RMB 276.4 million, owned by Wang Zhixin and his wife as well as their two children. In the past two decades, under the leadership of the chairman Wang Zhixin and the general manager of Wang Feng, the company vigorously promotes the strategies of "science and technology, talents, resources and environment", and has experienced four stages of "entrepreneurship in coke business, energy efficiency, green transformation and cyclic development", and now has 27 subsidiaries, employs more than 5,000 persons, and holds the total assets of RMB 4.2 billion. The annually sales income in 2010, 2011 and 2012 is RMB 20 billion, RMB 2.7 billion and RMB 29 billion respectively, and the profit and tax are RMB 310 million, RMB 370 million and RMB 400 million respectively.
Fengyan Group is committed to creating a first-class enterprise of circular economy and forming an operation mode of circular economy of "circular production of enterprise, industry cycle combination, resource recycling", and the circular economy cluster has begun to take shape. And the development is as follows:
I. Circular Production of Enterprise
Early in the last century when the coal industry was quite sluggish, the leadership of the group company has looked forward to the future development and decisively contracted and purchased four township and village-operated coal mines. In 2009, the group company has achieved the general production capacity of 2.7 million tons in the provincial merging and reorganization of coal mines, and that is respectively, 1.2 million tons for Ermugou Coal Company, 600,000 tons for Mingzi Coal Company, and 900,000 tons for Zhenghe Coal Company, which lays a industrial foundation for the development of circular economy in the mode of "coal based, thrive with coal".
To build a carrier of recycling economy, Fengyan Group focuses on "grasping high-end products, multi-generation, full cycle", bases on new energy, new chemicals, new materials, energy saving and environmental protection, low-carbon technologies, green economy and other fields, and has planned and built Fengyan Circular Industrial Park, Xinghua Circular Industrial Park, Fengyan Casting Cluster Area, Building Material Industrial Park, High-efficiency Agriculture Park and other circular economy parks.
 (I) Fengyan Circular Industrial Park, covering 660,000 square meters, with a total of 11 subsidiaries which are:
Coal Washing Company, the annual amount of raw coal washing is 1.8 million tons, the raw coal is supplied by the raw coal production base of the Group, and for the clean coal washed, one part is used for coking of the group, and the other part is sold;
Coking Company, the annual output of coke is 450,000 tons;
Thermo Electron Corporation, 24,000 kilowatts of cogeneration capacity are formed by the waste heat of coke oven, meanwhile, a 90 tons of waste heat boiler is under construction, and an industrial waste power generation project of 30,000 kilowatts is planned for building; and the electricity and heat generated is used for the production of the subsidiaries of the Group;
Heating Company, the generated waste heat of coke oven is used for urban central heating of 3 million square meters;
Carbon Corporation, the annual production of cathode carbon blocks and graphitized carbon blocks is 50,000 tons and 20,000 tons respectively;
New Wall Material Company, the annual production of fly ash aerated concrete blocks and fly ash autoclaved bricks are 150,000 cubic meters and 60 million respectively; at the same time, a calcium silicate board production line of 20 million square meters is planned to build;
Wood Company, the annual production of high-density fiberboards, blockboards and biomass fuel is 130,000 cubic meters, 10,000 cubic meters and 100,000 tons;
Starch Company, the annual output of wheat starch is 60,000 tons;
Cement Product Company, the annual output of cement is 700,000 tons;
New Refractory Material Company, the annual production of alumina-based synthetic mullite homogeneous refractories is 100,000 tons;
Gas Company, the delivery amount of natural gas is 200 million cubic meters.
 (II) Xinghua Circular Industrial Park, covering 330,000 square meters.
Xinghua Coke Company has built a coal washing production line with an annual output of 1.2 million tons, and the clean coal washed forms a coke production line with an annual output of 530,000 tons;
The waste heat of coke oven forms a power generation capacity of 24,000 kilowatts;
The waste heat of coke oven is fully used, and an urban central heating station is build, either.
 (III) Fengyan Casting Cluster Area, covering a planning area of 2 million square meters, is a leading project in "Plan for Development of Casting Industry Base in Pingyao County" approved by the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Provincial Economic and Information Commission, and through its radiation, the largest casting industrial cluster has formed in Pingyao.
The construction plan of Fengyan Casting Company is to build two 25t/h melting furnaces by using of the coke of the Group to produce molten iron and ferronickel; to produce molten iron by using melting furnaces to achieve short bed match cast and form the production capacity of 150,000 tons of precision cast and the production capacity of 200,000 tons of centrifugal ductile iron pipes. The Phase I lost-foam casting production line of an annual output of 30,000 tons has been built;
The coal gas power generation of melting furnaces is 12,000 kilowatts;
According to the needs of development, a warehousing and logistics center will be built.
 (IV) Building Material Industrial Park, covering a floor area of 340,000 square meters, with joint investment with Shanxi Construction Engineering Group, is an important new building material industrial park in the province, and also a major production base of thermal insulating material in the country.
There are 2 subsidiaries, including:
Mineral Wool Company, the annual production of mineral wool insulation boards is 60,000 tons;
New Building Material Company, the annual production of one-piece thermal insulation boards, wood-plastic profiles and wood-aluminum profiles is 2 million square meters, 10,000 tons and 20,000 tons respectively.
 (V) Efficient Agriculture Park and Ecological Botanical Park
Efficient Agricultural Park, covering a floor area of 20,000 mu, is the raw material base of wood business and the agricultural industrialization demonstration base of the Group;
Ecological Botanical Park, covering a floor area of 12800 mu, the projects planned to build are Qiuyu Manor and Resorts, Nursing Home, Mingxian Business Club, Racetrack, Integrated Gymnasium, Zhile Valley, Military Outward Training Camp, Water Park, Liangcun eco-museum, etc. After the completion of all the projects, it will be a major full-featured and large-scale eco-tourism park in our country.
The Group also has built a railway dispatching station with the annual delivery capacity of 2 million tons, and there is a sales company in Beijing and Hangzhou; built a real estate development company and a four-star international tourism and conference hotel, Fengyan Jianguo Hotel.
A clustering bearing system of "networked electric heating, shared resources, connected products, interactive cycle" is formed among the five parks, to achieve integrated production of "coal, coke, electricity", one-stop operation of "production, transportation and marketing" and diversified development of "agriculture, industry and commerce".
II. Industry Cycle Combination
To expand the path of circular economy, Fengyan Group has built five circular economy sectors.
First, the sector of comprehensive utilization of coal resources:
After washed raw coals is used for coke production, and the produced medium coal is sold for electrical coal, and the coal gangue and coal slime are used for further recycling;
Second, the extension sector of thermoelectric power industry:
The waste heat of coke oven, coal gas of melting furnace and industrial waste are used for power generation, and the generated electricity and heat is used for the internal production of the Group and the urban central heating.
Third, the value-added sector of casting industry:
Two 25t/h melting furnaces are built by using the coke produced by the Group, the partly molten iron produced is used to produce precision castings with an annual output of 350,000 tons through heating by an electric furnace, and the rest hot iron is delivered to the surrounding casting enterprises. The coal gas from melting furnaces is used for generating electricity, the discharged waste is used for production of cement, and the electricity is used for casting production.
Fourth, the industrial and agricultural waste recycling sector:
Here, the coal gangue and the coal slime are used as the fuel for power generation, and the coal gangue and slag are produced into mineral wool, cement and the like.
The fly ash of the boiler is used for aerated concrete blocks, and standard autoclaved bricks and cement.
The nickel slag produced in the production of ferronickel can also be used for extracting magnesium metal, and the remaining slag is used for cement production.
The thick woods among the "three residues" of forestry are processed into blockboards; the wood chips and branches are processed into high-density boards; the remaining barks and thin branches are processed into biomass fuel; the sawdust and wood dust produced from high-density board production is made into wood-plastic profiles through deep processing; the wood fiber or mineral wool fiber for production of high-density boards as well as the fly ash and the melting furnace slag are made into calcium silicate boards through deep processing.
The waste water from coal mines is used as production water of coal mines and the Group-owned enterprises after treatment.
Fifth, the interactive development sector of agriculture, industry and service industry:
In agriculture, build high-efficiency agriculture parks, plant a large area of trees, implement inter-cultivation of forest and herbage, develop aquaculture, and provide raw materials for industry;
In industry, use industrial accumulation and industrial goods to develop agriculture and service industry;
In service industry, drive agricultural and industrial production through real estate development, ecological botanical park construction, immigration and housing relocation due to natural disasters in mining areas, etc.
Create a path of large cycle development of "industry nurturing agriculture, industrial management of agriculture, interactive development of industry, agriculture and commerce".
III. Resource Recycling
Fengyan Group has formed a five-stage resource recycling system in accordance with the principle of "reduction, reuse and recycling", to achieve the "full use", high-efficiency conversion and resources and high added value of resources.
The recycling in the first stage refers to the recycling of raw materials delivered into the plant.
The objects to be recycled in this stage are raw coal, electrically calcined coal, iron ore powder, nickel ore powder, bauxite, old wheat, trees, etc., and the products are clean coal, coke, cathode carbon blocks, casting molten iron, ferronickel, new refractories, starch, blockboards, etc.
The recycling in the second stage refers to the recycling of the waste slag, waste gas and waste water generated in the production.
The objects to be recycled in this stage are the mine waste water, waste heat of coke oven, melting furnace gas, coal gangue, coal slime, melting furnace slag, wood scraps, twigs, barks and so on generated in the recycling in the previous stage, and the products are production water, electricity, hot gas, cement, mineral wool, magnesium metal, high density boards, etc.
The recycling in the third stage refers to the recycling of the residue generated in the comprehensive utilization of waste.
The objects to be recycled in this stage are the fly ash, wood dust, sawdust, waste twigs, barks and so on generated in the recycling in the previous stage, and the products are cement, aerated blocks, standard bricks, calcium silicate boards, wood-plastic profiles, wood-aluminum profiles, biomass fuel, etc. (micro-slag and ceramic) cement and mortar mixing stations.
The recycling in the fourth stage refers to the recycling of deep processing of products.
The objects to be recycled in this stage are the primary products of the Group, such as molten iron, cement, mineral wool, calcium silicate boards, high density boards, blockboards, wood-plastic profiles, wood-aluminum profiles and so on, and the formed end products are precision castings, centrifugal ductile iron pipes, cement products, one-piece thermal-insulation boards, high-end home furnishing, high-quality floor tiles, outdoor floors, new energy-saving and environmental-protection windows and doors, etc.
The recycling in the fifth stage refers to the reuse of the products of the Group.
The objects to be recycled in this stage are the outgoing products of the Group, such as cement, aerated blocks, standard bricks, cement products, high-density boards, one-piece thermal-insulation boards, floor tiles, energy-saving and environmental-protection doors and windows and so on, and the products are mainly applied for infrastructure construction, real estate development, eco-tourism, leisure, culture and public projects.
To achieve recycling of resources, Fengyan Group has independently researched and developed FY4456 vertical heat recovery coke oven with independent intellectual property rights with the driving force of technology innovation, the product is identified to reach the international advanced level by the Provincial Science and Technology Department. In addition, the company has also obtained 6 patented technologies, such as coke dry quenching by indirect heat exchange, combustion air auto-control systems for vertical heat recovery coke ovens, retractable chutes for scraper conveyors, etc. The company has also introduced comprehensive utilization of waste gas of coke oven, deplexing smelting of molten iron in blast furnace and intermediate-frequency furnace, biomass fuel and other international and domestic advanced technologies. The company has equipped with domestic and international leading automated production lines of mineral wool, one-piece thermal-insulation boards, wood-plastic, wood-aluminum and aerated concrete blocks, standard autoclaved bricks, calcium silicate boards and so on. The company has also set up a coke oven institution, to expand the patented technology of heat-recovery coke oven to other areas at home and abroad. The company is actively preparing for the construction of heat-recovery coke oven and waste heat power plants at abroad, to ship the nickel ore and other mineral resources overseas back to the Group to carry out fine processing after the initial processing, so as to embark on a development path of exchanging capital, projects and markets with technology.
Fengyan Group has found an approach of development of circular economy of self-characteristics in practices through relentless pursuit and hard work, and has achieved organic integration between comprehensive utilization of resources and industrial restructuring. Consequently, the group has not only achieved double harvest in the economic and social benefits but also has made considerable progress in resource conservation and environment protection.
Shanxi Pingyao Fengyan Coking Group Co., Ltd. has traversed an extraordinary course of entrepreneurship in the ups and downs. In face of new opportunities and new missions, all the employees of the Group Company will uphold the business tenet of "recycling economy, bringing benefits to people" and forge ahead toward the good vision of "building a first-class backbone enterprise of circular economy in the province", to scale new heights!