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ADD:Shanxi Jinzhong away in Fengyan Industrial Park, Xihu Village, Zhongdu Town, Pingyao County, Jingzhong City, Shanxi Province
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Fengyan Circular Industrial Park

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Fengyan Circular Industrial Park, covering a floor area of 660,000 square meters, with a total of 11 subsidiaries which are:
Coal Washing Company, the annual amount of raw coal washing is 1.8 million tons, the raw coal is supplied by the raw coal production base of the Group, and for the clean coal washed, one part is used for coking of the group, and the other part is sold;
Coking Company, the annual output of coke is 450,000 tons;
Thermo Electron Corporation, 24,000 kilowatts of cogeneration capacity are formed by the waste heat of coke oven, meanwhile, a 90 tons of waste heat boiler is under construction, and an industrial waste power generation project of 30,000 kilowatts is planned for building; and the electricity and heat generated is used for the production of the subsidiaries of the Group;
Heating Company, the generated waste heat of coke oven is used for urban central heating of 3 million square meters;
Carbon Corporation, the annual production of cathode carbon blocks and graphitized carbon blocks is 50,000 tons and 20,000 tons respectively;
New Wall Material Company, the annual production of fly ash aerated concrete blocks and fly ash autoclaved bricks are 150,000 cubic meters and 60 million respectively; at the same time, a calcium silicate board production line of 20 million square meters is planned to build;
Wood Company, the annual production of high-density fiberboards, blockboards and biomass fuel is 130,000 cubic meters, 10,000 cubic meters and 100,000 tons;
Starch Company, the annual output of wheat starch is 60,000 tons;
Cement Product Company, the annual output of cement is 700,000 tons;
New Refractory Material Company, the annual production of alumina-based synthetic mullite homogeneous refractories is 100,000 tons;
Gas Company, the delivery amount of natural gas is 200 million cubic meters.
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Fengyan Circular Industrial Park