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Shanxi Pingyao Fengyan Coal & Coke Group Co., Ltd.

ADD:Shanxi Jinzhong away in Fengyan Industrial Park, Xihu Village, Zhongdu Town, Pingyao County, Jingzhong City, Shanxi Province
Group switchboard:0354-5637007
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Shanxi huiyu machinery casting co., LTD. Looking for partners

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Company has 128 m after casting pig iron in a blast furnace, the annual output of 30000 tons of epc automatic production line, the United States should be of medium frequency induction furnace, 3 tons, 6 ton melting furnace, 20 tons of holding furnace, Germany OBLF spectrum analyzer equipment, such as preset workshop four, respectively is: 2 two 2400 ㎡, 2 6500 ㎡, used for subsequent projects. It is a large-scale casting production base for gray cast iron, alloy cast iron, nodular cast iron, ru-mo cast iron, auber ductile iron, motor housing, textile parts and auto parts.
The company is affiliated to shanxi fengyan group, which owns power plant and coking plant and has the advantage of producing electricity and coke cost.
In order to adapt to the market changes, the company plans to rent out, welcome to contact us.
Contact person: wu dianxiong liang xiaolong