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The national energy administration, perfect the distributed photovoltaic development model

The national energy administration, perfect the distributed photovoltaic development model

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On September 2, the national energy administration issued "about further implement distributed photovoltaic announcement concerning the policy it can new [2014] no. 2014 document (hereinafter referred to as the" notice "). The notice requires further implement distributed photovoltaic relevant policies to encourage to carry out various forms of distributed photovoltaic applications, strengthen overall coordination, for building roof resource use perfect the development model of distributed photovoltaic power generation.
The policies encouraged to carry out various kinds of distributed photovoltaic applications. Notice is put forward, make full use of qualified construction roof (including accessory free site) resources, encourage large roof area, large load, high price of power supply of the development zones and large industrial and commercial enterprises in photovoltaic applications. Encourage (including high-speed) at the railway station, highway service area, the airport terminal building, large-scale integrated transport hub construction, stadium and public facilities such as parking lot promotion of photovoltaic power generation system.
It is worth noting that the notification is clear, adjust measures to local conditions and utilization of abandoned land, barren hill slope, agricultural greenhouse, construction of mudflats, fish ponds, lakes and other on-site distributed photovoltaic power station is given. For all kinds of spontaneous self-used distributed photovoltaic power generation projects, when is limited by the construction scale indicators, the provincial department in charge of energy should be resolved in a timely manner to adjust or apply to the national energy administration for additional size indicators.
In addition, the policies for "local protection" ban is put forward. Notice is put forward, and approval for establishment of local governments at all levels shall not be arbitrarily charging items, shall not be restricted in accordance with national standards and market access for products into the local market. In terms of perfect development mode of distributed photovoltaic, notice, using building roof and affiliated site construction of distributed photovoltaic power generation project, when the project for the record, can choose "spontaneous for private use, yu electrical access to the Internet" or "a pattern of full access to the Internet". "Full access to the Internet" project of all electricity generated by power grid enterprises shall, in accordance with the local photovoltaic power station benchmarking a feed-in tariff. Has the "spontaneous for private use, yu electric online" model project execution, in electricity load significantly reduce (disappear) or under the condition of power supply relationship can not be fulfilled, allowing changes to "full access to the Internet" mode.