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Resource tax will expand to coal and other mineral resources

Resource tax will expand to coal and other mineral resources

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3 under the state council issued the national resources city sustainable development planning (2013-2020). "Planning" will be 262 resource-based cities classified guidance in our country, and put forward the four "improved" goal. "Planning" and stressed that in the future in the national key anti-poverty counties of the inspection, no longer will be included in the GDP evaluation scope. Has pioneered in the oil and natural gas on the price from the volume change from duty and tax increases the resource tax reform, coal and other mineral resources in the future to further extend.
Put forward the four goals
Since 2001, the state council in liaoning fuxin city to carry out the first pilot since the resources city economy transformation countries successively three define the 69 resources exhausted cities. Du Ying, deputy director of the national development and reform commission, said yesterday that on this basis, the "planning" for the first time defined by the national 262 resource-based cities, and is divided into growth, maturity, recession and regeneration type four types.
"The plan" put forward four significantly improve its goals. Including, the level of economical and intensive use of resources of resource-based cities should have obviously improved. Such as resource productivity is put forward to in 2020 than in 2012 increased by 25%.
At the same time, the sustainable development ability has improved significantly. "Planning" requirement of resource-based cities in the substituted industry added value accounted for the proportion of GDP increased by 6%.
In addition, the environmental quality significantly improved. "Planning" requirement by 2020, the recovery of mine geology problems left over by history control rate will increase from the current 28% to 45% of the target period, increased by 17%. "Planning" also stressed that the income of urban and rural residents to increase obviously, growth rate is higher than the national average.
Du Ying pointed out that the biggest legacy of resources city "home ownership" problem, is to turn shantytowns into new housing areas, and for the resource exhausted cities, has transformed 90 million square meters, there are more than 7000 square meters, and 2020 years to finish all modification in advance.
Increase the financial investment
To ensure the target time, the state financial input will worsen. Treasury YuSuanSi chief priests Xu Hongcai said, the future will continue to strengthen the central fiscal transfer payment funds and central budgetary allocations to the support of resource exhausted cities, pilot areas rich in carry out sustainable development. Du Ying, according to the national development and reform commission has been set up for the development of alternative of resource-based city industry support projects, more than 2.1 billion, the impetus of social capital has been invested 2.1 billion.
For the development of resource-based cities are widespread enough order specifications, development intensity is too large, primary products more output and environmental problem such as pressure, "the plan" will promote the resources development and compensation mechanism is put forward. Supervision resources development main body take resources compensation, ecological construction, environmental renovation of responsibility; Failure of resources city, the country gives the necessary funds and policy support.
At the same time, to share of interests distribution mechanism, promote resource development income to the resources city. Du Ying explained that its core is to further promote the reform of resource taxes. Has pioneered in the oil and natural gas on the price from the volume change from duty and tax increases the resource tax reform, coal and other mineral resources in the future to further extend. In addition, the planning also emphasized to establish resources price formation mechanism.
To establish the purpose of such a mechanism, main is to change the old idea resources city pure pursuit of GDP. Du Ying is introduced, in the national key poverty alleviation and development in the future work of key evaluation GDP, not the source area of qinghai province has already defined assessment of GDP.
Du Ying also stressed that whether the inspection, GDP is likely to be in the future according to the national development planning, to make certain adjustments. Assessment of resource cities should not be GDP, which is beneficial to guide the local government put more attention to the protection of the ecological environment and sustainable development, and do not blindly investment regardless of conditions, or excessive development of the local resources.
The expert thinks, "planning" pointed, policy system has important guiding significance to the sustainable development of resource-based city. The future for a period of time, various departments and local will introduce more detailed measures.