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Agro-ecology Botanical Garden

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Agro-ecology Botanical Garden


Efficient Agriculture Park and Ecological Botanical Park

Efficient Agricultural Park, covering a floor area of 20,000 mu, is the raw material base of wood business and the agricultural industrialization demonstration base of the Group;

Ecological Botanical Park, covering a floor area of 12800 mu, the projects planned to build are Qiuyu Manor and Resorts, Nursing Home, Mingxian Business Club, Racetrack, Integrated Gymnasium, Zhile Valley, Military Outward Training Camp, Water Park, Liangcun eco-museum, etc. After the completion of all the projects, it will be a major full-featured and large-scale eco-tourism park in our country.

The Group also has built a railway dispatching station with the annual delivery capacity of 2 million tons, and there is a sales company in Beijing and Hangzhou; built a real estate development company and a four-star international tourism and conference hotel, Fengyan Jianguo Hotel.

A clustering bearing system of "networked electric heating, shared resources, connected products, interactive cycle" is formed among the five parks, to achieve integrated production of "coal, coke, electricity", one-stop operation of "production, transportation and marketing" and diversified development of "agriculture, industry and commerce".


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