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The coal industry development demand for the development of iron and steel products

The coal industry development demand for the development of iron and steel products

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In the coal industry, coal consumption during the production of steel amount is larger, the consumption of steel products is mainly for mine u-shape, mine i-steel, metal anchor net and anchor steel and other steel varieties. In mine normal production process, consumption of steel products mainly supporting with mining U steel, steel wire, steel strand anchor steel, metal mesh, class consumption such as varieties.
The coal industry steel consumption and new requirements
Steel weight of the coal. Different mine to produce ten thousand tons of coal consumption about 7-13 tons of steel. According to the situation of coal mine construction in China and coal production to speculate that in 2012 the national coal industry consumption of about 2.6 million tons of steel.
A period of time in the future, the coal in primary energy consumption structure in China, is still dominant. The development of the coal industry will continue to drive growth in steel demand, the implementation of the coal industry and the coal industry technology progress, which will boost steel demand growth.
The new requirements in coal with steel pipe. Coal with steel pipe quantity is large, used for gas transmission pipeline and coal use, such as shaft with circular and square rectangle tube, single hydraulic prop pipe, hydraulic support, mining machinery, pipe belt conveyor roller, coal mine drainage and ventilation tube, etc.
Coal industry puts forward new requirements for steel pipe. Such as coal chemical industry in alloy steel, stainless steel tube, underground coal gasification, coal and other new technology, requires high temperature, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance of steel pipe. Such as coal gasification in the high pressure (8.5 MPa) and high temperature (1500-1600 ℃) direction, this is the development of the alloy steel and stainless steel pipe. In this regard, dosage of steel pipe is also very significant, such as coal, oil field to build a production of 1 million tons of oil production line, about general carbon steel pipe 09000 tons, heat-resistant steel pipe and stainless steel pipe 01000 tons, many specifications, it has yet to be developed in China.
The new requirements in coal on the plate. With the constant improvement of the comprehensive mechanized coal, hydraulic support the development of faster, hydraulic support the pressure increases, the intensity gradually increased, tensile strength in the level of 70 kg and 80 kg of steel plate (Q690 and above level) a large number of used in hydraulic support structure such as top beam, beam cover, base part. In recent years, MeiJiChang extensive use of ultra low carbon bainite steel, high strength instead of Q345 plate, the plate overall usage has accounted for more than 50% of the total. High strength level of the steel plate in the future will also be used in great quantities, the current domestic WuGang, anshan iron and steel enterprise, such as wisco enterprises can produce ultra-low carbon bainitic steel plate, HQ785DB HQ685DB plate, respectively, of the key parts of the hydraulic support used in coal mine.
The development trend of coal in steel
With the increasing of coal mining depth and the increase of the mine safety protection needed for coal mining development to the direction of high strength steel. Outstanding performance in support of steel and strength of the bar and mine steel, mining steel rope quality performance requirements are also improved.
Wire rope. The coal industry is one of the biggest users of steel wire products in China. Main hoisting is given priority to with triangle strands and line contact, the dosage of about 8-100000 tons per year, other auxiliary steel rope is generally line contact and point contact steel rope, dosage is about 15 to 200000 tons a year. The steel material is no. 65, no. 70, 65 a, 77 b, 80, 82 b, etc., specifications from 6.5 mm, 6.5 mm, 10.0 mm wire, etc., about 20-300000 tons of annual demand.
The use of wire rope is high strength, high toughness, super long overweight direction, thus improve the quality of wire rod from the aspects of raw materials for iron and steel enterprises, including improve the purity of steel, reduce the inclusion of variety and quantity, reduce oxidation and decarburization, improving the sorbite rate and uniformity of the organization.
As a result of domestic wire rope in service life and quality performance foreign key products have a certain gap, especially more than 1770 mpa level of steel wire rope, elongation of domestic instability. The high carbon steel wire for rope in China and its raw materials put forward higher requirements.
Mine u-shape. Main specifications for 25, 29, etc.
Steel pipe. Steel main coal industry is a pillar in steel and coal in steel production. Among them, the individual hydraulic prop pipe, hydraulic support, mining machinery, pipe belt conveyor roller, coal mine drainage pipe, ventilation pipe, coal-bed methane, coal chemical industry and so on all is the use of steel as the material, according to the steel weight of the coal industry, steel accounts for about 20%. The dosage of about 3 million tons in 2012. Single tube from the coal industry to see, no matter from the varieties, specifications can fully meet the domestic demand. Suggest to develop coal chemical industry use of alloy steel, stainless steel tube, underground coal gasification (CUG), coal oil, etc., meet the requirements of high temperature, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance. Heat-resistant steel pipe and stainless steel pipe specifications.
The rail. Light rail is used as the underground transport track. Heavy rail is the main specifications of 38 kg/m, 42 kg/m and 50 kg/m, is used to mine railway line.
In the thick plate. Mainly in the thick plate, mostly used in coal machinery manufacturing. Scope of medium thickness plate specifications: from 12 to 60 mm, and with 20 mm, 25 mm, thickness of 30 mm. Suggested that the exploitation of tensile strength in the 70 kg and 80 kg level of steel plate (Q690 and above level), used in hydraulic support structure such as the top beam, beam cover, base part.
Anchor. Bolting is a rapid, safe and economic way of roadway support, support costs 30% lower than the metal shed supporting, has become a supporting one of the main forms of coal in our country, the bolt support in consumption of a variety of more than 230 ten thousand tons of steel. Domestic steel anchor is given priority to with MG335, a few MG500, MG600 level. Suggest to the research and development and application of MG500, MG600 level.
Coal in steel. Scraper conveyor: round link chain is the main parts of scraper chain, to work under tension, and friction between chute. The main requirements of chain material for high strength and wear resistance, its material is high quality alloy steel commonly warp knitting chain formation. Mining round steel to conform to the original coal MT36-80 standard and GB/T1278-91 mining high-strength ring chain class B, C, D the national standard. Ring size with "bar diameter x chain link from" said. Commonly used specifications have 14 x 50, phi phi 18 * 86, 64, 22, 26 48 x 152 x 92, phi phi, etc., the current consumption of mining round steel 30000 tons.
Scraper is another main parts of scraper chain, by 27 simn, 40 mn2 billet forging deformed beams. Scraper interval about 1 meter, it is vulnerable parts of scraper conveyor, cost 27 simn, 40 years mn2 billet such as 60000 tons.
Chute is the body of the scraper conveyor fuselage, load and scraper chain support institutions, mainly from 10 to 40 mm of Q345 plate welded together. Currently consumed in thick plate 180000 tons, in the future to improve the wear resistance of material requirements.
Harvesters and rail. Dosage of harvesters in the transport equipment of coal mine is one of the biggest equipment. Rail transport system, it is widely used for ground crews take underground alleys motor and shaft series of inclined well of the small and medium-sized car delivery to climb the mountain, rail transport and working face gateway auxiliary transportation, etc. The national coal industry is expected to steel weight of the car and rail steel consumption should be around 300000 tons.