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Air can industry: can become a gold mine of China's new energy

Air can industry: can become a gold mine of China's new energy

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From gas water heaters, electric water heater, solar water heater to the air can water heater, water heater has experienced the upgrading of again and again, as a new generation of air can water heater, water heater with advantages such as energy saving, environmental protection, security became popular in the market.
Water heater, experts say, the air can water heater as a new type of environmental protection, energy saving, safety of high-end hot water supply system, in the current mode with sustainable development as the theme of development, no matter from the Angle of policy and market environment, are faced with good development opportunities, and will become China's new energy and a gold mine.
On the one hand, at present, new energy industry has become one of the important issues of economic comprehensive reform. In 2014, the state has also introduced a number of policies and measures for supporting the new energy industry, which in view of the city of fog haze weather, the heating, such as subject, was known to energy conservation and environmental protection of air can water heater industry a natural green low carbon industry pioneer. Mainstream companies, led by beauty, response to a new national energy policy, in energy saving air can physically on the product. Among them, the beautiful air can water heater after a series of technical innovation, from their first generation of products have been upgraded to the new second generation beautiful air can water heater - E + blue diamond bladder air can water heater. Through to the upgrading of the tank, the beautiful air can water heater in energy conservation and environmental protection, safety performance, use fixed number of year to achieve the landmark breakthrough, cause concern about the industry.
First, in terms of energy saving, use a small amount of electricity from the air to absorb heat from hot water, and break through the traditional technology, low energy consumption, high output, save electricity cost; Secondly, in terms of safety, the beautiful E + blue diamond tank air can water heater USES the water and electricity safety separation technology, has realized the separation of water and electricity, no electric shock hazard, at the same time, the ten heavy security protection technology power comfortable enjoy living hot water; Again, in terms of comfort, more water supply design, super constant temperature water supply at any time, 24 hours swimming in hot water at any time; Finally, in terms of durability, adopt new E + blue diamond bladder, upgrade multiple core parts, make the product get all-round optimization, more durable. At present, the beautiful E + blue diamond tank air can water heater has been selling market, consumers responded enthusiastically.
Air can water heater, on the other hand, belongs to electrical appliances product, also is the indispensable electrical household products. After about 60, 70 later said that something bad is to fix, but after 80 after 90 is directly replaced. As the property of big this year heat, the home installs market are also further expanded. Enlargement of the home market is air can water heater great opportunity of development. According to the analysis, 2-3 years later, will have a batch of tens of thousands of households families need replacement water heater, as a result, many businesses see the future potential of power terminal home market.
The personage inside course of study says, as countries in the field of new energy policy has become more and more good news release, scale and market demand, the air can water heater development of golden period is coming. However, from the point of the market now, although in some regional sales unusually hot air can water heater, but also a bottleneck in some areas, mainly depends on the individual consumer recognition is low, which requires the joint efforts, the government and the enterprises can increase air heater promotional efforts. Once successful home decoration market, so the air can water heater completely control the market.