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Shanxi Pingyao Fengyan Coal & Coke Group Co., Ltd.

ADD:Shanxi Jinzhong away in Fengyan Industrial Park, Xihu Village, Zhongdu Town, Pingyao County, Jingzhong City, Shanxi Province
Group switchboard:0354-5637007
Group General Manager:0354-5637017
Group H.R :0354-5639140
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Transfer of second-hand equipment
Transfer of second-hand equipment
Release time:
2019-01-09 18:01
Now shanxi pingyao fengyan coal & coke group co., LTD. Has the following types of boilers due to technical reform, which are now to be transferred. The price is negotiable.

1. 2T hot water boiler (2 sets)

2. 2T steam boiler (1 set)

3. 5T waste heat boiler (2 sets)

Contact person: Mr. Zhang
Contact number: 0354-5639078 to 8899
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